Occidental Community Center
Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes of the Occidental Community Center Advisory
Council  Monthly Meeting
6:30 PM, February 3, 2015, Occidental Community Center, 3920
Bohemian Highway.

Attendees:  Barbara Costa, Miriam Redstone, Diane Masura,
Stephanie Feich, Brian Grant, Steve Kay

1. Order/Minutes Approval
a. Changes/Additions to Agenda: 
b. Approval of Monthly Meeting Minutes, 1/6/15

2. Old Business:

a. Approval of Revised Concept Design Proposal by
Praxis Architects:   The revised proposal
eliminated coordination with the business plan
and some preliminary planning work but still
includes presentation of three concepts, (1)
rehabilitation of the existing structure (2)
rehabilitation and a new building addition and (3)
demolition of existing structure and construction
of a new community center. 
            ACTION:   Proposal approved as written.

b. Discussion of County under funding of Business
Plan by United Camps Conferences and Retreats, 
fund raising for business plan or alternatives:
Stephanie Feich suggested that OCCAC seek
assistance from Supervisor Carrillo to fund 
United Camps Conferences and Retreats proposal
to prepare a business plan. 
ACTION:   Barbara Costa, Bob Costa and Steve Kay
will meet with Supervisor Carrillo to discuss
funding the business plan on February 9.

3. New Business:
a. Discussion of future fund raising and possible
internal re-organization for OCCAC’s expanded
scope of responsibilities.
In response to limited County funding for
physical alterations of the community center and
County Park’s proposed transfer of center to
General Services, there is a need for the council
to:  (1) fund raise, (2) prepare a business plan
including how the facility will be owned and
operated, and (3)  participate in the programming
of  activities at the center.  
Since the current council does not have sufficient
member participation to do all of these tasks, it
was proposed that a letter describing past council
work and the need for additional community
participation in planning the center be sent to
survey respondants and members of other local
community groups.
ACTION:  Steve Kay will draft the recruitment letter
and Barbara Costa will collect local community
group contact lists and discuss the costs of mass
mailing with a printing company to distribute the
letter to the community.

4. Agenda for Next Meeting, 6:30 PM, Tuesday, March 3,
2015, Occidental Community Center.

5. Adjournment

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